CSCE 4.0

Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0

Project of the Bratislava University of Economics and Management, financed from the Norway grant mechanism and co-financed from the Slovak Republic state budget, registered as BIN SGS02_2021_011, is built on the long-term continuous improvement of the university educational process with a connection to practice.


Projekt „Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0“ získal grant z Nórska v sume 158 865  prostredníctvom Nórskeho grantového mechanizmu. Projekt je spolufinancovaný zo štátneho rozpočtu SR vo výške 28 035 €.


Workshop CSCE 4.0 – 01.3.2024

„Ako môže samospráva alebo podnik prispieť k výzvam obehovej spoločnosti v ekonomike 4.0“ Projekt Vysokej školy ekonómie a manažmentu v Bratislave v partnerstve s Republikovou úniou zamestnávateľov, spoločnosťou SEWA, a.s. a University for

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Results of the Midterm Conference

On October 4th, 2023, the "Midterm conference" took place, focusing on achieving sustainable growth, development, and the functioning of a circular economy. This conference was a significant event as the circular economy, often referred to as the economy of the future, can provide solutions for both producers and consumers.

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Opening Conference

We are pleased to invite you to the Opening Conference of the international project " Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0".

The conference is intended for professionals, students and the public. It presents the focus of this new project, its objectives and upcoming activities.

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