CSCE 4.0

Results of the Midterm Conference

On October 4th, 2023, the conference "Midterm conference" took place, focusing on achieving sustainable growth, development, and the functioning of a circular economy. This conference was a significant event as the circular economy, often referred to as the economy of the future, can provide solutions for both producers and consumers.

The main theme of the conference was the necessity of transforming the established production and consumer chain to achieve sustainable growth and development. Scholars and experts discussed several key topics, including innovations in education, environmental economics and management, regional and rural development, modernization in small and medium-sized enterprises, and crisis management.

Two interesting presentations were given at the conference. Dr. Rácik talked about the environmental aspects of innovations in Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0, emphasizing the importance of considering the environment when implementing new technologies and production methods. Dr. Evans raised the issue of pedagogical aspects of innovations in Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0, highlighting the role of education and training in shaping a sustainable society.

Following the presentations, a brief discussion took place, during which participants debated the issues raised by the speakers. The exchange of opinions and experiences helped broaden the understanding of how innovations in education, environmental management, and regional development can contribute to building a sustainable and circular economy.

This conference proved to be a significant step forward in discussing sustainable development issues and underscored the need for joint efforts from all members of society to achieve the goals of the circular economy. Such events, fostering the exchange of knowledge and experiences, can contribute to creating a more sustainable future for all.