CSCE 4.0

Results of the Working visit to the Kingdom of Norway - HGUT, Bryne

At the beginning of May 2023, a team of experts from the project team of the project BIN SGS02_2021_011/82/22 carried out a working trip to visit the partner university in Bryne - University for Green Development.

This working visit was directly linked to Activity 1 of the mentioned project "Development of educational modules" and its purpose was to share examples of good practice in the field of education of youth and adults in the field of circular economy, circular society. The visit was combined with an excursion to the premises of the partner university, the city of Bryne and the surrounding area, which shapes the use of telepresence tools in the education of young people in the fields of the circular society and economy. The foreign working trip appropriately fulfilled the expectations regarding the transfer of knowledge from the partner institution in the donor country. Bilateral cooperation between Slovakia and Norway was also strengthened.

During the working visit, the BUEM employee’s delegation, consisting of the main expert assoc. prof. Ing. Michal Fabuš, PhD., Expert Ing. Andrej Rácik, PhD., Project Manager Ing. Marián Kováč, PhD. participated in pre-planned meetings at the level of:

– Meeting and discussion with representatives of HGUT, NO - Dr. Rhys Evans, Dr. Johan Barstad

- Tour of HGUT premises

- Training in "Theory and Practice of e-Learning" - which was divided into a discussion of the theoretical background of the subject, examples of good practice of e-module information sheets - creation, updating and key concepts, discussion, and overview of tips for practical application

- Meeting with HGUT students focused on a discussion on the comparison of classical methods and tools of education and new ones using e-learning, telepresence

- Tour of the Bryne and the surrounding landscape focused on agricultural production to understand the historical context of the application of online learning tools in practice

- Discussion of the conditions for the continuation of the bilateral cooperation in the following terms: annual conference, workshop for teacher training, monitoring of the progress of the project and dissemination of the project results

In order to incorporate the results of the working visit, we make the following conclusions and suggestions:

  • Implementation of another workshop in September 2023 focused on the training of BUEM teaching staff based on examples of good practice of e-learning modules from the Kingdom of Norway to Slovak Republic
  • Cooperation in presenting the project's sub-results at the Midterm Conference in September 2023
  • Collaboration in the output control of the creation of updated documentation for educational tools by curriculum methods within the framework of Activity 1
  • Further cooperation on dissemination and sustainability of project results
  • Preparation of broader bilateral cooperation in the field of education, science, research, and joint publications