CSCE 4.0

Project objectives

  • Integrate sustainable development into university education through following main attributes:

    • Curriculum reform of current study programmes;
    • Development or actualization of individual specialized learning courses or modules
    • Development or actualization of interdisciplinary courses to ensure cross-sectional skills in following areas: digital literacy, environmental literacy, economy 4.0.

  • Contribute to integration of new post-crisis innovative technologies into university education and training.

Project description

Project initiative is built upon a long-term continuous improvement of the university education process and methods with the focus on following priorities:

  • Integration of new post-pandemic crisis era IT technologies in education and training for the application of new teaching as well as training models,

  • Development of learning modules/curricular in Environmental economics, Environmental Management, Circular Economy

  • Raising environmental awareness of university students/graduates, with possible employment in green innovative public and private entities in Slovakia

  • Raising of environmental awareness of university teachers to enhance their new digital era teaching skills applicable for further education of full-time and part time students.

Project documentation